Re: Fender Champ?

> Anyone ever use a champ and a bullet? How does it  (I know - subjective) sound?
> I've got a line on an amp, probably 5 years old. What are these things worth?
I use an old silverface Fender Champ and a newer Green Bullet, and get a
phenomenal sound from it.  The Champ is all tubes.  If the one you're getting
is solid state, the sound will not be nearly as good.

I picked mine up at a vintage amp store for $110.  I tried many other amps
that day, and the Champ had the best sound as far as I was concerned.

If you're going to be playing with reasonably loud bands, you'll need to mic
it, or put a "direct" box on its speaker.  You might even want to consider
getting a bigger amp.  The champ is only 6 watts.

 --  mike curtis

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