Re: Purpose of windsavers?

> Speaking of windsavers has anyone found a source for them?

If you only need 'em for a harp or two, Hohner will send 'em free.  I buy 'em
by the gross for $12.00

Hohner recommends attaching them with Phylobond, a rubber cement, so they're
easier to remove when necessary.  I just use superglue - the reeds never last
as long as the windsavers on my harps ;-) I put a small droplet of superglue
on a piece of cellophane (like new reedplates come in), and gently touch the
end of the windsaver to it, so it will pick up just the littlest bit of the
glue.  I then use tweezers to position it over the rivet.  Of course, they go
on the reedplate, on the side opposite where the reeds are. 

If you're valving diatonics so you can play chromatically, put them on the
lower reed plate, holes 1 thru 6 (you can see them inside the holes), and the
upper reed plate, holes 7 thru 10 (outside of the harp.) It'll take some
practice before you master the "new" bends possible using this, but it's well
worth it.  There are things you can do with a valved diatonic that cannot be
done any other way.  

 --  mike curtis

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