Re: Hohner MS

> Does anyone else think that Hohner's MS system is a poorly conceived, badly
> executed disaster?  I'm new to the list, so I might be going over well-trod
> ground, but here goes:

I 'discovered" Lee Oskars quite a few years back, and since then, haven't
done much business with Hohner.  Oskars last longer, bend more predictably,
and have a sound I like better.

I've bought an occasional Hohner if I needed a key that the music store didn't
have an Oskar in, or if something really interested me (the Cross Harp just
looks TOO cool to pass up - and when I heard Howard Levy, I just HAD to get a
Golden Melody!), but most of my kit is Oskars.  I bought some Huang "star
performer"s (GM copies, basically), and like them as well as anything Hohner

As far as I know, none of the 3 hohners in my kit are MS.  I have a blues
harp, golden melody, and cross harp.

> .  I'm likely to spend more on harmonicas in the next few years than 
> I have on a new solid top guitar.  Hohner has lost my business, at least until
> they fix this terrible design.  

This is exactly the kind of market pressure that will be needed to keep Hohner
(or anyone, for that matter) on their toes.  and even though I don't much use
Hohner any more, I still want to see them in the marketplace.  It'll keep Lee
honest ;-)

> Also, I have to say, the Blues Harps I've seen recently look like the shoddiest
> products I've seen from Hohner.  I don't know what the cause might be, but the
> ones I looked at looked like there were no longer made in Germany.  

I never did like the Blues harp.  The reeds are MUCH too soft, and wouldn't
even last the whole night.  but i'm sure there are those who love Blues harps
exactly for that reason (soft reeds.)

> I go on like this because this is my main instrument, and I'm upset.

I think this is good.  Not only as a catharsis, but I would be surprised if
Hohner doesn't monitor this list.  If they're smart, they'll hear their
customers and make needed changes.  If not, they'll go the way of the dodo,
which would be a shame, because Hohner has done a lot for harpology, and still
has a great deal to offer the harmonica community.

If German labor has become too costly to compete, Hohner might consider either
farming out part of their labor, or perhaps relocating entire segments to
areas with lower labor costs.  (People in third world countries have to eat,

 --  mike curtis

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