www, NetScape, Cyber Harp, HTML

For us newcomers to Harp-L all this gopher and www and Netscape stuff is way
over our heads.  It's not that we don't want to hear about it, we really want
to understand it and get into it.  I was just getting used to the idea that I
need something called Mosaic and to find an Internet server that won't cost
an arm and a leg and now I hear in Chris's posting that NetScape does stuff
Mosaic won't.  Could someone please do a disertation on "What's the next step
now that I've gotten hooked on Harp-L."  Take it slow and easy.  If it's too
much to post on Harp-L maybe someone willing to ellaborate could post a
message saying that they would send a file of info on this subject upon

Thanks for any help.
Bob Williams, HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx

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