Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard

Everyone's right, collectively. :).  What I saw him using out 
here was "The Twin," which does not at all resemble a "blackface" 
Twin Reverb, but is a new design (presumably as different inside 
as it is outside -- whatever it's got under the hood, Dick said 
his was stock).  And it did have a matching companion 
speaker-only unit that he used for stage-left balance to his 
stage-right amp.  A real stealth-looking unit.  FYI, B*



>From: clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard
>>On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> . He played with a 
>>> >Blues Blaster mic through a blcakface Twin>
>>> NO!  He had a new Twin with the pull-out overdrive last week in
>>> Syracuse.  He also had an extra Twin cabinet with no amplifier
>>> chassis in it as an external speaker. 
>>My question is this.  What colour is the faceplate on the pull-out 
>>overdrive twin you saw in Syracuse last week?  If it was silver then it 
>>wasn't new.  Fender even went back to making black face twins that have 
>>the pull-out distortion feature.  They now currently make a blackface 
>>model called The Twin that has channel switching and higher power than 
>>their reissue of the 65 Twin Reverb that they are currently making. BTW I 


>>black and white.  FJM 
>It was a new one, black, not silver.  These are not referred to
>a "blackface," however.  His might have had the red knobs, though.
>It also sounded great, too!

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