Re: 3 Hole Draw

At 9:49 AM 1/30/95, Charlie Sawyer wrote:
>Getting the full bend down to Ab is not difficult, but it's useless.

Hate to be blunt but I think you mispelled useful.

>The Bb's a bitch.

I disagree. I think your analyzing what's going on more than your
practicing. Analysis to paralysis.

>One experienced harp player told me "It took me 20 years of playing before
>I could hit and hold a Bb consistently on C cross harp."

How many minutes/year did he practice? It couldn't have been that many.

A well controlled #3 bend is probably the hardest to master, but it's
nowhere near as difficult as you're making it out to be. That Bb is one of
the most important notes in cross harp(as you mentioned), but practice is
the key. If you're spending your time trying to slow down the reed, you're
not spending your time hitting the right note.


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