Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard

Charlie et al.,
	I used to have a pretty fair voice as young lad as I could sing solos
in the school choir and at church, etc.  Then I got hit hard by puberty and got
drummed out of the school choir (couldn't carry a tune in a bucket for years).
By the time I got to college my vocal chords were beginning to even out and I
slowly developed my confidence again, if not skills.  By my junior year I got
into my first band as lead singer and did 98% of the songs we played.  I
suppose my abilities are due to an ability (probably innate) to imitate or mimicothers.
	Learning to play harp is another matter though, and it came much harder
for me since one has to do more than manipulate wind, mouth and vocal chords.
I guess I can appreciate Magic Dick's singing problems, but I'll never be able
to play harp quite as good as he does.  If Steve Levine's review of his vocals
are that bad, I would suggest he stick blowing the harp.  Something that he
does very well BTW.

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