Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard

In an interview on WGBH radio in Boston last fall Magic Dick gave an
account of his efforts at singing which went like this (paraphrased,
not quoted, from memory):

  Like most players early on in my playing career I tried to sing  but
  with miserable results so I (sort of) resigned myself to being an
  instrumentalist. After many years as a frustrated, latent vocalist I
  decided to learn to do it right.  So, I got a voice teacher and
  learned all those fundamentals.  I worked very hard at it and
  learned a lot.  Now I feel like I can get up there and do it.

This comes as a great disappointment to all of us would-be vocalist,
and what harp player doesn't want to sing?  Lot's of us have been
through this disillusionment and manage to keep our hopes alive by
thinking "some day I'll get a voice coach and learn to do it right."
The idea that if you ain't born with decent pipes, forget it, is a
bitter pill.


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