Re: Hohner MS

Perhaps you mean the Biog River harp?  Which I believe is Modular system 
construction.  Like you I also like this particular harmonica.  I believe 
Tim Moody als plays them and likes them.  As for the other Hohner MS 
models I only have a low Eb Special 20 and the plates are flush on that.  
It needs a little adjustment but not enough that I ever bothered to spend 
any time on it.  Maybe I just lucked out with the two MS harps I have.  
On furthering the White Box Golden Melody myth,  Digging through boxes in 
closets I recently ran across about 20 White Box Golden Melodies in good 
playoing condition.  I also found 3 Gold Cover 125th Anniversery models 
too.  All the ones I've tried so far overblow wonderfully.  Without 
exception they are easier to overblow than any other harmonicas I own 
except an A Filisko that was specifically adjusted by him for overblows.
It's certainly not a scientific study but those were my results.  FJM

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