Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard

On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> . He played with a 
> >Blues Blaster mic through a blcakface Twin>
> NO!  He had a new Twin with the pull-out overdrive last week in
> Syracuse.  He also had an extra Twin cabinet with no amplifier
> chassis in it as an external speaker. 

My question is this.  What colour is the faceplate on the pull-out 
overdrive twin you saw in Syracuse last week?  If it was silver then it 
wasn't new.  Fender even went back to making black face twins that have 
the pull-out distortion feature.  They now currently make a blackface 
model called The Twin that has channel switching and higher power than 
their reissue of the 65 Twin Reverb that they are currently making. BTW I 
had one of those ~bad~ silverface twins.  It was a 1973.  One of the big 
mistakes of my amp buying and selling career was to sell it.  That amp 
recorded better than any amp I've owned before or since.  It's not all 
black and white.  FJM 

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