Re: Magic Dick/Pierre Beauregard

>I saw Bluestime last night at a club in northern Virginia. Magic Dick's 
>harp playing was great as usual, but I was very disappointed by his 
>vocals. He really shouldn't be fronting that band - he should take voice 
>lessons or hire a professional singer. His singing almost ruined the 
>show for me. 


. He played with a 
>Blues Blaster mic through a blcakface Twin>

NO!  He had a new Twin with the pull-out overdrive last week in
Syracuse.  He also had an extra Twin cabinet with no amplifier
chassis in it as an external speaker.  But, he could have more
than one amp depending on the size of the club.

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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