Thanks to all for answers to my video instruction post.  I have a question
regarding the answer from Winslow about vibrato and tone exercise.

>Winslow Yerxa writes:

>Set you metronome to about 90, and divide the beat into even
>3's. Then, playing with throat vibrato (same muscles as light
>coughing), play a long held note, pulsing your vibrato in
>triplets, so that your vibrato divides the beat in 3. This is
>about the right speed for a good, relaxed vibrato. Many players,
>especially when nervous or excited, lapse into a fast, braying
>vibrato at an uncontrolled rate.

Thanks Winslow, I assume that is the "throat vibrato" you all have discussed.  
Without sounding too naive--how do you get a draw vibrato (like the kind at 
that sweetens up the end of a phrase)?  Is this "vibrato" or am I using the 
wrong term here?  I REALLY am confused about this point.


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