I don't remember seeing a response to Bob Williams' question regarding the MS
designation on Hohner diatonics, so I'll jump in there - the MS stands for
Modular System (replacement reedplates, specifically).  From what I
understand, the replacement reedplates are very difficult to find, either in
the U.S., Canada, or Europe.  Forgive me, and correct me if I am wrong.
 Hopefully this will change, for the good of everyone concerned.

Re: Little Sonny - Karl Olson posted his correct address, but I just want to
add that he is indeed still alive, well, and playing more than ever.  He just
returned from a very successful tour of Japan on Dec 21, promoting his latest
album, which was released in Japan late in '94.  It is partially a re-release
of "Sonny Side Up".  Two of his band members are his sons, Anthony G Willis
(bass), and Aaron Willis Jr (guitar), both of whom are accomplished musicians
in their own right.  Little Sonny and sons appeared at both the 1989 and 1990
SPAH Conventions in Detroit.

Re: Richard Hunter - Michael Carley asks if Richard has any new recordings.
 We (Lee Oskar Harmonicas) received from Richard just last week a sample tape
of his latest, as yet unreleased, album titled "Big 17 - Solo Harmonica
Recordings, 1994".  As its title indicates, it is a compilation of
unaccompanied solo harmonica, primarily originals, that are very interesting,
and played with flawless technique.  Also included are "In A Sentimental
Mood" on chromatic, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home", "Comin' Home Baby",
"Old Man River", and Little Walter's "Too Late".  Richard also sent an
accompanying description sheet that detailed his selections and harmonicas
used.  I am unaware at this point if he intends to release this as an album,
but I think he has put too much work into it for it not to be made available.
 BTW, he has moved to Newark, CT.  I will find out if he wants his address
and phone published, before I do so.

The NAMM Trade Show in Anaheim was very busy and exhausting.  But this means
it was a big success for most all participants.  I had a chance to talk with
Jack Kavoukian (who is retiring from Hohner March 31), Horst Mucha (President
of Hohner U.S.), Bill Greenhalgh and Rick Epping (Hohner), Cham-Ber and Frank
Huang (Huang Harmonicas), Frank Strnad (Strnad Pickups), Joe Harless (Shaker
Mics), Dr Leon Wortmann (Leon's Mikeworks - San Jose), Marv & Mickey Wolfe
and Stephen Close (The Harmonica Store), Jon Gindick, David Harp, Marcos,
players Stan Ruffo, Ron Kalina, Stanley Behrens, Brody Buster, Pat O'Brien,
Larry Wexer (Mandolin Brothers - Staten Island), Rick Moore, and of course
our own Winslow Yerxa.  Also enjoyed talking with Werner Hotan of
Switzerland, bass harpist with his trio Maspesos, that also includes his
brother Ernst (chromatic).  (Ernst is President of the Swiss harmonica club,
Schweitzerische Mundharmonika Interessen Gemeinschaft - SMI, and was Chairman
of the 1993 International Harmonica Competition in Trossingen, Germany.)
 Also Mick Jagger's roadie, Pierre, stopped by to chat, and place an order
for Mick.  I have no doubt skipped some names of importance, but these are
the names that come to mind at the moment.

I was also happy to be able to respond to Harv Andruss' request for  info
from the Oberheim booth, which I mailed to him.  Harv will probably be
sporting a new Echoplex Digital Pro before long.

Back at you soon  -  Danny Wilson (BassHarp)

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