Blues or Music Educator's BBs

Hi All-
Does anyone know of any online Blues Discussion Groups or any online Music
Educator Discussion Groups?  I love the discussions we have here so much that
I'm hooked, I've got to have more, more, more!  Actually I thought I'd get
into those areas to gather information for SPAH's  "Harmonica Happenings"
newsletter and to let others know what a great thing we have going here on
Harp-L and to put in a few plugs for our favorite instrument - the greatest
wind instrument known to mankind, maybe even the greatest of all instruments
- - - -

!!!!!!!!!!!   T H E       H A R M O N I C A   !!!!!!!!!!!

Please send info on Blues or Music Education Discussion groups to 
Bob Williams,   HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx
The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.
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