Larry Adler on NPR

I heard most of the Larry Adler segment. I had no idea how funny he is. He
told a couple of stories that really got me laughing:

I came in in the middle of the first one, but apparently he was in some
vaudeville place when some big shot regular found out that he hadn't
written his parents in a while or something. So the big shot says, "I want
you to call your parents this very night! And tomorrow, I don't care how
many shows you have to do, I want you to go to shul!" So Adler later asks
one of the comedians, "Hey, who's the busy body over there?" The comedian
says, "Busybody??? That's Al Capone!"

the second one was about a song that was given to him by Ira Gershwin just
after George died. He premiered it with the Ulster symphony in Belfast, and
the program said that the song had been given to him by "George Gershwin's
beautiful widow, Ida." So when he gets onstage he corrects it. "George
didn't have a widow. You have to take certain preliminary steps in order to
acquire a widow, and George hadn't taken them. This song was given to me by
his BROTHER, Ira. And only a schmuck like me would get up on stage in
Belfast and plug a name spelled I-R-A." And apparently he brought the house

Anyway, they played a few excerpts from an album he did with Django
Rheinhardt. WOW! Does anyone know anything about this? Like where I can get
a copy??


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