adler profile

On Saturday 1/28/95 National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Saturday
included a profile of Larry Adler at the end of the first hour. I
only caught the tail end of it, when he was asked who should play 
him if they made a movie of his life, and he said "Dustin Hoffman."

For those of you who are really into this kind of thing and missed hearing
the interview, here's how you can get a hold of the transcript:

                     How To Get NPR Transcripts On-Line

     National Public Radio and Journal Graphics are proud to offer listeners 
and Internet users the ability to research subjects and purchase NPR tran-
scripts using an online database system.

     <gopher\://\:23/8> Search Journal Graphics area on-line.  

     <mailto:npr@xxxxxxx> Let Journal Graphics Search for you!

     If you choose the second option, include as much information as possible 
(program, air date, subject, reporter, etc). Also don't forget your name, 
e-mail address, Visa/MC/AMEX card # (with exp. date). For $10, they will 
e-mail you the segment you requested. 

-Janet Lieberman 

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