Junior Wells

 I wonder if they will see each other;  my guess is, that they've seen
plenty of each other over the years.  Watched a concert filmed at the
Woodlands (near Houston), a package tour that featured both Buddy and
Junior and at least all of Buddy's show was broadcast and there was
no jamming between the two.  I have contemplated seeing Junior at
Antone's.  It looks like he'll be bringing his own band with him,
so he won't be backed by the antones.  I've seen him twice in the early
80's with Buddy and Junior was exceptionally lazy.  He called for a
band break after playing only three songs;  I've seen him sneak off
stage when the stars come to sit in, occasionally jumping back on
if a good tune is going on .  He is a great vocalist, I think, maybe one
of the best singers among harp players.
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> Nice to see and hear Junior play but not instructive.........

Junior will be at Antones next Saturday.
And check it out - Buddy Guy is at Liberty Lunch Thursday.
I'll be at both shows. What are the odds of Buddy and Junior
showing up at each other's gigs?

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