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On Fri, 27 Jan 1995 rocket@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Has anyone seen MS Meisterklasse's? I've yet to see them in music stores. I
> still get reed plates for the "originals" from the factory. They always
> give me this "Well...I don't if we have any of those around still...", but
> they always have what I need. And they are definitely equal tuned. Which
> means a re-tuning is in order since I'm quite fond of pleasant sounding
> chords.
> Rkt

When I ordered my Meisterklasse from F&R (where I specifically asked for 
the non-MS) I indeed did receive an MS Meisterklasse. In any case I like 
the harp for the most part. It's relatively sturdy and has a very clean 
sound. The reeds too are VERY sensitive which is nice in the sense that I 
don't have to blow my lungs out to play it. 

My only bad experience was when I was trying to learn overblowing on it I 
blew out the 4 blow and had to buy a new set of reed plates (which in 
Germany cost me about $30). I think in that regard you have to be a 
little more delicate with the reeds then say with a Lee Oskar or a marine 
band but for the most part it's a great harp. Never played the non-MS 
though so I can't give you a comparison. You can hardly get the old 
non-MS's in Europe anymore. It's basically an MS world over here.


    Todd C. Huss


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