Hello Harpers,

     What's your expirience with the Hohner MS-series?
     I'm playing with Special 20's MS and as I'm playing a lot
     they are quickly out of tune.So I went to the shop and requested
     a new reed plate (as you are able to replace them now (??))
     but they didn't sell them.(They rather sell new harps instead)	
     My teacher told me,I quote : "You rather buy a new one,because
     when you replace the reed plate,the sound will be never the same)
     Can have some feedback about this,please.....
     Should I continue buying new harps (my girlfriend is going to kill me)
     or is the sound not affected by changing the reed plate???? and should
     I keep on looking???
 P.S : Help.....My harmonicas are rusting,any suggestions for
  keeping clean (By the way,why isn't Hohner making stainless harps!!!)
 P.P.S: For my Belgium friends....Where are you buying your harps
        or where can you get them cheaper.....
        				Greetings....Kris Bries    

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