Walter's amps

I've had a few calls on 50's amplification, and I thought I'd drop a note on
same.  10 and 12 inch speakers were expensive and rare during the fifties, and
the trend in most fixed and portable sound systems was to 8" varieties and
smaller;  one of my closest friends here in Texas now runs his Dad's business
which was started in 1952 and sold only PA systems through 1960.  I've spoken
with his father many times on this.  Most accompanying mics were also either
very cheap--JT-30 et al--or expensive, like the Shure 55.  Mark Hummel has done
a lot of research on this and says that Walter did play a lot through a Maasco
Sound System, which had two columns with two 8" speakers in each that could be
placed around the stage.  Maasco's a extremely rare today, but many players have
tried to emulate that sound with the rare Gibson Maestro (4X8) and even rarer
GA-90 (6X8) models.  Kim Wilson recorded most of Tigerman on the latter, and
toured with one after the release of that recording.  
Gary Onofrio (203-397-8774) has been doing extensive research with 8s, and
recently called me to play an 8X8 combo that was about as close to the Walter
tone as anything I've ever heard--it was spine tingling!  He is using 50's
brains and same era speakers, producing a gigging amp that will work in almost
all club situations.  He also has a Maestro and a GA-90 for sale.  All Walter
fans owe it to themselves to call Gary for a demonstration.  You will not
believe your ears.  
I'll continue to update on this matter when I can.  There are a lot of ways to
skin this cat besides the 4X10 Bassman setup.  TE3

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