tongue blocking

Hi folks.

I had a one-on-one-beginner-pro discussion with Jack Ely, who gave me a 

beautiful clear and full explanation how to tongue block (i use the pucker 

method ).I couldn't figure out one basic thing though, and i returned a 

a message to Jack but didn't get any reply because he's probably too busy  

now so...i've decided to address the list:what should be the position of

my tongue ?.A. Should i lay the tongue flat, out of my mouth cavity and 

pointing down, so the upper flat side of the tongue is blocking the 

holes, or B. should the tip of my tongue be pointed straight forward

blocking those holes , or ,is there a "right C" ?. foregive me for

posting the following dumb examples to illustrate my problem to comprehend,

but should my tongue be in the same position as going to the doctor, opening

the mouth and saying "aah" with the tongue sort of hangin' down, or should

it, like sort of teasi?! somebody, be pointed straight ?


                        OMER RIFF,T.A UNIV., ISRAEL.

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