Re: Playing Solo


Re:  Entertaining solo show

It sounds like you have a few tricks up your sleeve already if you  
can do the things you mentioned in your message.  Sounds to me like  
you're feeling the jitters badly.  I would bet just DOING the show  
will do the most for your confidence about how entertaining you are.   
It's only an hour...that's a good time frame for a first jump.

Do the stuff you like the most...don't worry about gymnastics...just  
do them with a feeling and ignore the butterflies.  See if that  
doesn't get a good audience reaction.  

I think solo work is the hardest possible performing because you're  
so dang naked out there -- everything's (well, almost...) is hanging  
out and you're on the line.  But an audience will respond to genuine  
feeling, I've found.  If I make mistakes I roll with it and they seem  
to like me the better for it.  Doesn't mean I don't still get  
nervous, but almost without exception, they seem to respond to me  
when I throw my heart into it.

Good luck...I bet it'll be good.

Cathi N.

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