Re: Lead Guitar Players (Again).

> I've seen the same thing with every instrument - guitar, drums, keyboard, 
> horn, violin, and especially vocals.  But I suppose the harmonica is more 
> subject to abuse because many bands use it to make noise on a solo, i.e. 
> Yardbirds, Beatles, Romantics, and a list of harmonica infamy too long 
> and painful to recount.

The equivalent in Ireland is the bodhran (like a big goatskin tambourine
without the jangly bits). Every git thinks he can play it.

BTW, does anyone know if Richard Hunter (wrote Jazz Harp) has any 
recordings available. There's only so long I can put up with the
"quality" of the flexi disc that comes with the book and he is one
mean player.

I'm lying on the bathroom floor, praying to the Lord,
I swear I'll never drink no more if this is my reward.

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