Re: Lead Guitar Players (Again)

On Wed, 25 Jan 1995 rocket@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> My motto has always been "when in doubt whip it out" so what I like to do
> in a ~jam~ type situation is walk up to the stage mark out my space then
> pee on all four corners of it.  This technique has yet to fail.  Maybe it
> helps that I'm a 200 lb male unneutered tabby.
> Rkt

Rkt speaks the truth. I have the stains on my Converse Hightops to proove it.
And most people in the Yacht Club basement on Blues Jam nights thought 
that funky odor was part of the ambiance...

As a shy and somewhat unassuming sideman, I tend to stay away from the 
Gunslinger Nights. I prefer to hook up with folks for set length gigs, 
like open mics. I know, I know..ya gotta listen to the occasional loon.
But you do get to deal with a block of structured time and you can call 
your own shots. Besides, I have a fondness for acts like the guy who 
played the Question Mark and The Mysterians' "96 Tears" on the accordian 
and sang the tune in German. Cool.

On another note: I'm fairly new to the list. This is old subject matter 
I'm replies via non-list e-mail are fine. I have a fairly new 
Fender Princeton w/chorus, overdrive and it is, gasp, solid state, yeah 
yeah yeah I know, tubes rule...and I play through a nicely aged vintage 
Bullet. Feedback, as you can guess, is a problem. Suggestions? Voodoo?
For the current group I'm with I do an all acoustic thing with a phantom 
powered AT 4031, which also has to double as my vocal mic. Our band PA is 
modest and all channels are currently spoken for on the board, so a 
direct out or a mic on the amp isn't a solution...AB'sville might work, 
but I sing too much to keep it that simple. 


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