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At  8:07 AM 1/25/95 -0500, Ms. Carolyn Mayr (CADIG STAFF) wrote:

>I thought it would be a good idea to invest in one of the instructional
>videos I've seen posted here.  Could anyone recommend which one would
>be best for me?  I thought maybe the Howard Levy video.  I'd prefer a
>video but if not, any recommendations for instructional cassettes for me?

The Levy is not rock-blues oriented at all, even though he demonstrates the
12 keys by using a blues progression at the beginning and end of the tape.
Mostly it's on how to get all the notes on a short harp, how to bend
(technique), some key, scale and mode discussions, more of the attitude for
improvisation, not much on the how.  I think it's good, but it may not be
what you think it is (I see George has also just posted on this -- agree
that it assumes much). An overblowers primer (first one, I think).

Don't buy the Johnny Mars video unless you are very unclear of which models
Hohner sells -- sorry (again) Steve J ;-)

Others may know more about the new one by Norton Buffalo from Homespun
Tapes (Jack, have you seen?), the Charlie McCoy videos, the Jr. Wells video
(buy it from Worshop, not Kevins, $15-20 cheaper) which all look
interesting to me and probably to you for what you want. There's a John
Sebastian video that's been around awhile, but I think it's aimed at
beginners and might be dated (other harp-l-er comments?).  He also had a
six cassette thing with Paul Butterfield I think you can buy together or
split up (3 of John, 3 of Paul).  No comment as to quality/content.

I liked the _Building Harmonica Technique_ by Dave Barrett, one
cassette/book for some of the intermediate stuff. hand-holds you through
the tongue slap "Walter's Boogie" thing and positions 1 thru 3 (chicago
style). Winslow's HIP is good, but it's much more than just diatonic (is
there a HIP#5?)   I still have a copy of Tony Glover's  book around here
somewhere, but it was a record then, and is not recommended compared to
what's out there currently, but I got it from the public library, so I
liked the price at the time.

I read some stuff on the net about _The Harmonica Acc. to Charlie
Musselwhite_ which sound positive -- it was an old LP thing on Kicking Mule
that got re-issued last year as a CD or cassette pack with the book. That
Gary Primich 2 cassette with book takes you soup to nuts (rated beginner to
advanced) and has had good reviews here and elsewhere. Some like John
Gindick's stuff.  I know you'll outgrow David Harp's stuff in a hurry.
There are a bizillion more that others must know something about out there
(I only see Richard  mentioning one). What about the Dr. Midnight tapes in
Kevin's or the Phil Duncan books -- anybody? And Icepick is a huge fan of
the Schackner books, right?  ;-) ;-)

Harv <HAAndruss@xxxxxxx> -- opinions my own
(ps to Tim -- see Hunter's post on the ftp site, sorry to confuse ;-)

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