Re: Video instruction

>I thought maybe the Howard Levy video.  

Dear Carolyn,

I have just recenly watched the Howard Levy Video, Jerry gave it to me
to check out.  It is packed full of music theory and certainly not
a video for a beginner.  You said that you play harp, so it might just
hit on what you need to know.  

The video appears to be unscripted.  Thusly, Howard jumps from one idea
to another without continuity.  One such example is this paraphrase, 
"...that scale requires an overblow....hmmmm.....which we will learn about
later in this video....."   If the production had been scripted, he wouldn't
have used the particular example that required the overblow, necessitating
the mention of it prematurely.

I would recommend that before you play the tape, go to the local library
and look up "church modes" or "modes" in a Harvard Music Dictionary, or
Groves' Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  All through the tape, Howard
makes examples of the modes, but gives no explaination of their origin.
Therefore, a person who has not studied music theory would be lost with
the notion of 'modes.'

None-the-less, Howard is a phenomenal player and all you can do is LEARN
from the tape.  I expect that I will be following the tape again, this time
with a harp in one hand, and remote to rewind in the other.

Good Luck,
George Miklas, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

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