Pass the word - cruise signups 'til February

Because the ship is seeling out, we probably will not be able to take 
signups for the Harmonica Cruise June 4 to Alaska past about mid 

I need Harp-L members to pass the word to those they know want to go but 
are procrastinating.  I expected to be able to provide slots until just 
before sailing - but this will not be possible.

Please pass the word.

Jim Dinkey

CRUISE TO ALASKA with the Santa Clara Valley Harmonica Club and TWO dixieland
bands.  If interested, SASE to:  SCVHC; 3380Cork Oak Way; Palo Alto, CA 94303
or call 1-800-433-0078  Ship leaves from Vancouver June 4 and runs, via
several glaciers to Valdez.  Join us and have a ball! 

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