Playing Solo

A friend of mine who has heard me play with various musicians, offered me a
gig at a coffee house.  Getting sick of defending musical taste with the
members of my so-called "band" (see also Lead Guitar Players (Again)), I
decided that it may be time to start my little solo career.  So I accepted
the offer.  I'll play for just one hour, I will haul in a lot of cash.  The
problem is, I'm strapped for solo material.  Not only that, but I know my
ability is åometimes a bit sh?!ey.   Unlike Madcat or SBW, I don't know if
my material is diverse and dynamic enough to eng?!e an audience for an
hour.  I've toyed with some ideas, (harp in a cup, etc.) belted out some
lyrics, and found myself a s?!mpbox for rhythm.   Last time I did this
kinda deal, I did a sort of rhythmic breathing/whooping/scat solo that the
audience seemed to like.  I would also like to do a number where I can?!
switch a lot of harps and jum?!around in different positions.  I might need
help with that one.  Other than that, I'm pretty strapped as far as ideas.
I'd like to put together an entert?!ning show, so's I can start hittin' the
coffee house circuit?!

Can anyone relay any thoughts or ideas reguarding the topic of Playing
Solo?  What should I beware of?  Et Cetera. . .



Ben Majchrzak
Northwestern University
Evanston, Il.

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