Re: Lead Guitar Players (Again).

>   I'll tell ya, though, that in 7 out of 10 cases, guitarists push harp 
> players out of the jam spotlight because they've had a bad previous 
> experience with a harp player. Haven't we all been to jams where a newbie 
> harp player gets up on stage, plays in the wrong key, won't stop playing 
> over everyone else and generally makes life annoying?

While we don't have many like this in Southern California, there are a 
few.  The guys running the jams let them have just one tune and yank 'em, 
making excuses like "we have a lot of jammers tonight - thanks for 
sitting in", etc

We have a running joke about "Q. Where do you find the greatest harp
player in the world?  A. on any street corner in L.A."  and believe me, 
it's not far from the truth!

>  Sure, there are jerkoid guitarists out there. I, for one, avoid Stevie 
> Ray wannabes (even the good ones) because they want to play 
> God and don't wish to yield time to lesser deities (in their eyes). But I've 
> gone to several jams where a tasty guitarist wouldn't 
> let me play much at first, then heard me play a few bars and promptly let me 
> open up. In fact, I've met future band members this way.

While I usually play both guitar and harmonica when doing jam sessions, I 
occasionally sit in with only harp.  The first thing I do is "test the 
mic" by blowing the coolest, fastest, and cleanest lick I can.  I've never 
failed to back off even the biggest demigods by doing this.  My favorite 
is starting on the high note, doing a minor 7th run down all the way down 
to the low note, then starting a chromatic run up the scale in second 
position up to the blow 9, then back down to draw 2 with a big, fat 
throat vibrato finish - and doing this in about 2 or 3 seconds.  But as 
long as ou establish your "turf" _before_ the jamming starts, you'll be 

Of course, it may help that I'm 6'2 and a reasonably solid 240 pounds :#|

 --  mike curtis

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