amp/effects mini-faq

Since there have been postings recently about Sheridan's articles in Kevin
Haggerty's catalog, I thought I'd mention that on newsgoups,,

as well as web pages:, http://www.eecs.umich/~tjs/guitar/effects.hmtl,

there are 2 faqs on "Guitar Effects" (72K) and "Tube Amp Mini-FAQ" (41K).

For those who can't get it and want it, I might be talked into forwarding
as an attachment.  If it becomes a big deal, Ill post, or send to Chris P.
and put it on the harmonigopher.  Author is R G Keen 12 Jan 95.  Many good
sources of basic info all in one place.

Harv <HAAndruss@xxxxxxx> -- opinions my own

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