Re: Lead Guitar Players (Again).

> >   Every time I try to have an open mind, but these f-in' guitar
> > players are always the same.
> This is exactly why I am not currently in a band. And why I'm
> beginning to hate blues jams. Why is it that guitarists all believe
> a harp is for that one jam between the second and third verse and
> should otherwise shut up. Where's the guitar player that would only
> play 20% of the time? I'm totally convinced that if I ever get the
> right band together there will be NO GUITAR AT ALL! ('ceppin a'course
> a bass). Gimme harp, bass, drums and rub board (or percussion).
> But people just stare at you if you suggest a band with no guitar.

  Charlie Sayles, a great local talent (actually, a semi-national talent) 
sometimes plays only with a second harp player, a bass and drums. He 
sounds great.

  I'll tell ya, though, that in 7 out of 10 cases, guitarists push harp 
players out of the jam spotlight because they've had a bad previous 
experience with a harp player. Haven't we all been to jams where a newbie 
harp player gets up on stage, plays in the wrong key, won't stop playing 
over everyone else and generally makes life annoying?
 Sure, there are jerkoid guitarists out there. I, for one, avoid Stevie 
Ray wannabes (even the good ones) because they want to play 
God and don't wish to yield time to lesser deities (in their eyes). But I've 
gone to several jams where a tasty guitarist wouldn't 
let me play much at first, then heard me play a few bars and promptly let me 
open up. In fact, I've met future band members this way.

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