Re: Lead Guitar Players (Again).

Norbert Brunhuber writes....

>      My rock'n'roll band had to find another lead guitar player
> since our old one left and we had a few auditions.  One of
> the guys auditioning was pretty good and seemed a fun guy.
> Afterwards he was talking on the phone to our bass player about
> how the sound of a band should be.  The conversation ended up
> with saying something to the effect of, "if the guitar players
> and bass in the band are doing their jobs, you don't NEED any
> other instruments, i.e. the harmonica, a.k.a. Me.
>   Every time I try to have an open mind, but these f-in' guitar
> players are always the same.

This is exactly why I am not currently in a band. And why I'm
beginning to hate blues jams. Why is it that guitarists all believe
a harp is for that one jam between the second and third verse and
should otherwise shut up. Where's the guitar player that would only
play 20% of the time? I'm totally convinced that if I ever get the
right band together there will be NO GUITAR AT ALL! ('ceppin a'course
a bass). Gimme harp, bass, drums and rub board (or percussion).
But people just stare at you if you suggest a band with no guitar.

Guitar is the IBM-PC/MS-DOS of music.

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 I gave my love a..."
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