Great Harp Amps

Those of you out there searching for the elusive amp sound of Walter, et al,
need to contact Gary Onofrio at 203-397-8774.  He has just reconditioned and
overhauled one of the infamous Gibson Maestro models--a 1955 harp players dream
featuring 4 blue Jensen 8" speakers.  There are only a handful of these amps
around and I've only seen one come on the market in the last four years.  He is
asking $375, an incredible price.  I can provide you with more information on
the use of 8" speakers during the 1950s--they were the dominant speaker in the
PA systems used almost everywhere.  Kim Wilson used a lot of 8" combination amps
when recording Tigerman, including a host of Gibsons including the GA-90, which
features 6 (!) of them.  I wanted Digest members to get first shot at this
incredible offer.  Thanks.  TE3

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