Hi Bob.  Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I've been procrastinating.
 Something I do quite well as I've studied for years.  Yes, I definitely will
be at the SPAH convention in Detwah and you can count on me for some help.
 Not too much because I want to do some R&R for myself and play harmonica all
night, too.  It looks like Joe Filisko and I will be sharing a room and
knowing Joe, I'll never get to sleep because he'll have people in our room
all night taking apart harmonicas, microphones, amps, dresser drawers,
medicine cabinets, and faucets, etc.  O.K., I guess I'm getting carried away,
but if you saw the things Joe takes apart and remakes, you'd understand.  By
the way, have you any info on the entertainment for the convention, yet?  I'd
like to put it in my newsletter.  Take care.  Say hello to all my buddies at

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