Re: too long in exile

> Hi folks.
> About a week ago i bought Van Morrison's "Too long in exile" - excellent
> album with some fine harp playing (Van himself), well, not so much in
> terms of technique, but more in style and the way he harmonizes with
> the rest.
> Check it out
>               OMER RIFF,T.A UNIV.,ISRAEL

He's actually a fine player, when he bothers. For a while in the 80s he
was doing little more than humming through it, but he seems to have gone
back to playing it of late. Listen to him on his 60s stuff with them for
some very nice work. Nothing incredible on the technique front but far
superior to what you usually expect from a rock player. There's some
very nice playing on "Bright Side of the Road" as well.

I'm lying on the bathroom floor, praying to the Lord,
I swear I'll never drink no more if this is my reward.

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