WOW !!!
  Thanks Danny, I wish I'd wore a condom.  At least I can get a cigarette
from my son.  I've never been so excited over an e-mail letter in my life.
   All kidding aside, I'm very proud to have been elected President of
W.C.H.C. and hope I can fill the shoes of past presidents.  I really feel
lucky to be a member of such an innovative and open-hearted bunch of harmonic
players.  I must say it's people like you, Bob Williams, Norm Dobson, Beverly
O'Connor, Gordon Mitchell, etc., etc., who've inspired me to become as
involved as I am.  It's my wish that all harmonica players (diatonic and
 chromatic) will realize we're all brothers and sisters.

It's really good to see you on this list and thanks a lot for all the info
you've posted!  It looks like this harp list thing is going to be the "in"
thing.  I love it.  See you soon . . . at SPAH maybe?
P.S.  Say hello to Lee for me.

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