harmonicas for music teachers

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from the 50th Annual Midwestern Conference on School Vocal and
Instrumental Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  After a year in the planning
today was the day I presented my seminar "Harmonicas - The Perfect Teaching
Tool" to more than 60 music educators from three states and Canada.  Each
teacher was given diatonic harmonica, a beginner's lesson and a packet of
materials which they can use to get their classes rolling.  Boy were they
excited about the possibilities the harmonica presents for their classes. 

We are applying this week to present the seminar at the MENC (Music Educators
National Conference) in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1996.

If you are interested in teaching others how to play the harmonica or
interested in teaching music educators about the harmonica please drop me a
line.  We have materials available which may help you in your work. 

The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.
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