Can't find Patrick Harpster

Bob Williams writes:

> I've sent 2 messages to Patrick Harpster <davros!ph@xxxxxxxxxx>
> in response to an item he posted in Harp-L.  Both message were
> returned as wrong address.  Anyone help?

I've recently (the other day) switched from a uucp connection to
a more direct internet feed. My old address was prone to generating
bad return paths. Hopefully the new one will be a little better.
In any case, my address is ph@xxxxxxxxxx which should always work.
Forget you ever saw the words "davros" or "digdug" - they only
confuse your mailer. I'm also trying to get my address changed in
the list so messages arrive via net rather than modem.

I guess this means there's probably a whole bunch of people who
want to identify the mystery harp but they haven't been able to send
me email. And I thought I had y'all stumped! So what is it?

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