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At 8:28 PM 1/20/95, KRCRANDA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Next week my band is playing at a local club and we are interested in making a
>live recording [snip] welcome any suggestions

It all depends how many tracks you have to record on and what goes through
the PA.  Assuming you don't mike the whole band up, a good el cheapo
solution is to use a basic four track, take a stereo out off the board and
use two hot ambient mikes - I like the Realistic PZM's (flat plate mikes).
Or one PZM and a vocal.  I'd suggest putting at least one PZM near the kit
- I've had some success taping one to the ceiling over the drums.  Careful
about doing this if your drummer uses a lot of sizzle and ride, though.

Play around with placement of the ambient mikes before hand, so you don't
get too much crowd noise and you find a good balance.  Consider using a
mono out from the PA and three ambient mikes.

If you don't have a four track, just use any decent stero mike into your
stero tape device.  I use a Sony Walkman Professional with an ECM50 stereo
mike - works great for live ambient recordings.


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