Re: Live Recording

> Next week my band is playing at a local club and we are interested in making a
> live recording for our own enjoyment and also for demo purposes. None of us
> has ever done a live recording before and I would welcome any suggestions as
> to the best approach. Some people suggest using the mixing board, while others
> say to use two directional mikes hanging from the ceiling. I guess both have
> their advantages and disadvantages...I would appreciated anyones input on this
> matter.

Quite true.  the 2 mic approach is simpler, and if your band has an 
exceptional live sound, can be effective.

But running everything through a mixing board will give you a better 
sound.  If you mic all the amps, and have a proper micing setup for the 
drums, you can get a killer sound.  I've gotten pretty good results using 
a PZM against the wall in back of the drummer, an electret condenser 
under the snare, and a large diaphragm dynamic on the kick.

If you're doing a demo quality recording, you can get away with a little 
less, but whatever you're doing, the more pains you take, the better the 

One other thing you might try is a combination - run the PA into one 
channel, and a couple of good quality mics out front into other 
channels.  If you just have a stereo, put the PA into one and the distant 
mics on the other.

Hope it works out well for you.

 --  mike curtis

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