Re: Hendrix of the Harmonica

At  1:07 PM 1/20/95 -0600, Christian N Michalek wrote:
>Johnny Mars, John Pooper, Madcat, Sugar Blue as well as others have been
>at one time or another labeled "the Jimi Hendrix of the harmonica"
>What is up with this?  If any,  who do you think is the Jimi of the
>harmonica and why?....

The sound Jimi Hendrix created employing pyrotechnics, electronic effects
and high speed playing was revolutionary. But this was only part of the
Jimi Hendrix experience. He also took the electric guitar playing to a
completely new level which would influence generations of guitar
players(that definition alone would eliminate all of the above harp players
IMO). Only one harp player majorly influenced his own as well all
subsequent generations: Little Walter.


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