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>Another great blues magazine is Blues Revue (formerly
>Blues Revue Quarterly).  I am sorry I do not the details of that one at my
>fingertips, but if someone doesn't post it in the next few days, I will get
>the info to  you early next week.

Happen to have on right here.  Willie Dixon issue (4/80 interview reprint)

$20/yr domestic; $24/yr Can/Mex; $30/yr overseas; Rt. 2, Box 118, West
Union, WV 26456; fax to (304) - 782-1971.

>I will be spending long hours for the next 4 days at the annual NAMM

Can you or others going check out Oberheim, who advertised in Musician a
new looper/sampler similar to, but perhaps higher end, than the Lexicon
JamMan.  They call it the Echoplex (there's an original name!? ), and it
can do up up to 200 seconds of continuous, real-time sampling/layering
(incl bacwards), delay, reverb, etc. 16-bit, 44 KHz digital. The midi out
can be used to sync tempo changes from what your palying to any midi track
you might also be using (I think I've heard some call this groove
quantizing).   The reason I mention it is that they had a flautist pictured
with it (whose name escapes me at the moment, must be a bit advant garde),
which sort of piqued my interest to use for live harp again, or even as a 4
track substitute.  Seems like you could do a lot with such a device that
would both build upon and make up for some of the deficiencies of the
harmonica. Post to the list or direct.

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