Re: Mic Mods

> On Thu, 19 Jan 1995, Mike Curtis wrote:
> > 
> > The JT-30 is considered to be omnidirectional, as is the Green Bullet.
>  I stand semi-corrected. Actually, Astatic's literature says the JT-30 is 
> "semidirectional," although the Green Bullet is omnidirectional. I still 
> think much of this debate has the scent of opinion to it, but I guess 
> that's why God made different kinds of mics (grin).

All microphones exhibit at least some directional characteristics at 
certain frequencies.  This is why I couched my statement with "considered 
to be".  Astatics definition of "semidirectional", while being pragmatically 
accurate, is not accurate in standard microphone nomenclature.  The JT-30 
was not designed to cancel out sound from undesired directions.  (Key 

BTW, I like your pun (semi-corrected vs semidirectional ;-)

 --  mike curtis

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