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>Just got a letter from Bill Romel, who recently moved from Sedona, AZ, to Las
>Vegas, NV, advising me of his having set up shop there in Vegas to repair and
>custom-build harmonicas.  Years ago, he and Freddie Doucette (brother of Dave
>Doucette) operated a similar business in the L.A. area.  After Freddie died,
>Bill gave up the business, and lost touch with the harmonica community in
>general.  However, he has continued to do all of Eddy Manson's and  Geroge
>Field's custom work and repair, among others, but did not advertise for work.
> Now, 6 years later, he is ready to get back into it full-time.  Bill is
>known for his craftsmanship in building beautiful handcrafted chromatic
>harmonicas of rosewood and/or ebony, with built-in microphones by special
>order, and with gold mouthpieces and slides.  They look great, but also, and
>more importantly, they play great.  His cover plates are made of rosewood (or
>ebony), while the combs are milled from instrument quality maple obtained
>from sources who supply the best stringed instrument craftsmen.  Each
>harmonica is an individual and never duplicated.
>Bill offers the same service to diatonic players - offers to repair all makes
>and models, or custom build to your specs.  Write Bill at: Custom Craft
>Harmonicas, Ltd., 8524 Summer Vista Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89128, or call (702)
>256-7470 for more info.


	Thank you so much. Not too long ago I was describing these harmonicas 
to someone (I don't remember if it was on the net or not). I could not remember 
Bill Romel's name to save me. I saw (and drooled over) his work at SPAH a few 
year's back. If I remember correctly you could get his custom harmonica with a 
built in mic (completely enclosed in the wood cover plates) if you wanted. 
Thanks again, I plan to contact him.

       Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --Internet--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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