Junior Wells plays chromatic on one cut, I'm fairly sure.
Also, it is said, by knowledgeable players, that Junior
plays in third position quite a bit.
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Hi. I've been, as they say, "lurking" on the fringes of the net for a
while, and have finally decided to take the plunge into cyberspace. I've
been fooling with the harp now for about two years, ever since I took a
train to Memphis, drank too much, and was blown away by Little Jimmy King
at BB's and The Fieldstones at Green's Lounge. Needless to say, I got the
blues infection and returned to the harp after a hiatus of about 15
years. (I first bought a Hohner Blues harp for warning sluggish grizzlies
of my approach on an early spring snow camping trip in Yellowstone.)

I'm posting from Minneapolis, which boasts many fine harp players,
especially R.J.Mischo, who's got SBWII and the two Walters down cold,
and, of course, Tony Glover, who's still playing on a weekly basis with
Dave Ray.(Hi to Chris Michalek, another local player with whom I've
spoken during his gigs at Whiskey Junction and the Viking Bar.)

Anyway, I don't want to prattle on. Much of what's appeared on the Harp
List is not only interesting but useful. I've saved some of the postings
on mics and amps, but I'm a ways from indulging myself with these toys.
(Right now I make raucous -- not altogether pleasing, that is -- sounds
with a cheap Radio Shack ball mic and a Pignose.)
I'd like to hear more about members' favorite harp tracks/albums, playing
tips, blues harp history, song keys, etc. Basically, the kind of stuff
most useful to someone still feeling his/her way around the instrument.
Here's some questions for starters:

1). Has anyone used David McKelvy's "Blues Harmonica Collection"
(available from Kevin)? Is the tabbing easy to follow, accurate? Would
you recommend it to a novice player? Are there any similar books worth

2). Can anyone provide the song keys for Big Walter's "Can't Keep Loving

3). Song keys for "Hoodoo Man Blues"? How does Junior get his distinctive
tone on this album? Is he using a chromatic on some tracks?

4). Key for Lester Davenport's "Mad Dog On The Loose"?

5). Anyone know whatever happened to Thom Doucette, who played harp with
the Allman Brothers in their heyday?

Cool runnings,


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