Re: Mic Mods

> I modified my Shure Green Bullet.  First wire it high Z only.  Second 
> install a 1/4" female phone jack in the back of the case where it has the 
> threads for mounting to a mic stand.  Then put a Switchcraft male end on 
> the cutoff old mic cord.  this way you can unplug the damn cord and it 
> never breaks where it enters the mic again.  FJM

I've done my bullet as follows:

1. Wire it high-impedance;

2. pack the front of the element with cotton (actually, I use the 
polyester "phoney" cotton - it doesn't fragment and make "cotton dust)

3. pack the interior of the case with the same "cotton"


4. Drill a hole in the threaded recess and mount a 50k miniature pot.  I 
bought the best one I could find, and found a nice aluminum knob that 
just fits.

I don't need a detachable cord.  I just periodically snip and redo the 
cord around the strain relief.  I have far less trouble with that (e.g. 
never) than with connectors - especially 1/4 inch jacks.

I've heard rumours that heavier wire is _supposed_ to affect the sound.  
Personally, I think this is just an old wives tale.  I've tried them 
both, and can tell no difference.

 --  mike curtis

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