Hi all,

Just got a letter from Bill Romel, who recently moved from Sedona, AZ, to Las
Vegas, NV, advising me of his having set up shop there in Vegas to repair and
custom-build harmonicas.  Years ago, he and Freddie Doucette (brother of Dave
Doucette) operated a similar business in the L.A. area.  After Freddie died,
Bill gave up the business, and lost touch with the harmonica community in
general.  However, he has continued to do all of Eddy Manson's and  Geroge
Field's custom work and repair, among others, but did not advertise for work.
 Now, 6 years later, he is ready to get back into it full-time.  Bill is
known for his craftsmanship in building beautiful handcrafted chromatic
harmonicas of rosewood and/or ebony, with built-in microphones by special
order, and with gold mouthpieces and slides.  They look great, but also, and
more importantly, they play great.  His cover plates are made of rosewood (or
ebony), while the combs are milled from instrument quality maple obtained
from sources who supply the best stringed instrument craftsmen.  Each
harmonica is an individual and never duplicated.

Bill offers the same service to diatonic players - offers to repair all makes
and models, or custom build to your specs.  Write Bill at: Custom Craft
Harmonicas, Ltd., 8524 Summer Vista Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89128, or call (702)
256-7470 for more info.

Check out the Feb 95 issue of Living Blues!!!

And all the chromatic players should check out Eddy Manson's article in the
Winter 94 issue of Richard Martin's The Harmonica Educator.  Great article.
 Eddy just called me to tell me that he is really happy that Richard
published it - thanks, Richard from me, too.

Later  -  Danny (BassHarp)

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