Re: Carlos del Junco & Bill Kinnear

>I believe the forementioned names were the partners in a blues duo I 
>caught this morning on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  Does 
>anyone know which one was the harp player, and what they call 
>themselves?  I think they were playing from Grossmans Tavern in Toronto.
I don't know about the particulars relating to where they were playing, but 
I can say that Carlos Del Junco is from Toronto and I have seen him in 
Ottawa a few months ago. He won a Hohner international harp contest in 1993. 
He is absolutely increadible as a harp player. The pieces you heard are most 
likely from a CD he did with Bill Kinnear (who I believe plays guitar with 
Carlos when they are on the road). Carlos has such mastery of the harp it is 
beyond belief. He plays blues like the best of them and masters overblows 
and any other "newer" technique. He can play as fiery as Sugar Blue and Jean 
Jacques Milteau. When I saw him last, he did an old blues song from the big 
band days and was playing what seemed to be the clarinet partition from this 
song on a diatonic.
He has to be heard to be believed.
Frank Scange who reads this list knows him well and can probably answer with 
more detail any question on Carlos as they are friends.
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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