Re: Mic Mods

> My pet theory (it's as good as anyone else's) is that the old mics sound 
>the way they do because of the aging of the element, and because of the 
>use of thicker wire from the mic leads to the connector. But who knows? I 
>also suspect they sound better because people have decided they must 
>sound better (more grinning). Oh, well...
 Your pet theory is not too far off the mark. I am told that he old crystal 
elements have a hydrophillic tendency which means that they crave water. The 
humidity or water will disintegrate the element imparting it a sweeter tone. 
However, too much exposure and the element is shot. So the ideal older 
element is one that has been exposed to some humidity with age.
So I am told...
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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