Re: Mic Mods

: Secondly, I can't see how the thickness of the shells makes one iota of 
:difference. The mic element in the Astatics is mounted into the grill 
:with a rubber gasket, and the element is directional. For the shell to 
:make a difference, the sound waves would somehow have to leak through the 
:gasket, bounce off the inside of the shell, leak through the gasket again, 
:make a Magic U-Turn and head back into the element. In other words, these 

First the element WILL NOT block ALL the sound waves. Some will pass
thru and they will reflect off of the back of the inside of your mic and
back into the element. I feel that case thickness plays into your sound.
Ever measure the thickness of a Green Bullet? A whole lot thicker shell than
an Astatic. Why don't they sound better? Some people think they do, but it
has alot to do with the element. The old elements are alot of the way an old
mic sounds. But so is the size, shape, and yes, thickness of the case.

Got any feedback, Tom? (That's a mic joke)

Tim Moody

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